“Give everything. Expect nothing. Move on.”- Harold Pinter
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    photographed by jasper abels for prestage magazine, fall/winter 2014

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    permanent to do list

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    Characters:Batman,Batgirl, and Robin

    Series: DC Comics


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    Lithuanian artist and craftsman Vainius Kubilius transforms coconut shells into radiant jewels that cast dazzling patterns of light and shadow in every direction. Kubilius’ awesome handmade lamps are called Nymphs and each one is unique. Made of coconut, cork and suede, they have a wonderfully organic feel.

    To create his illuminated coconuts, Kubilius carefully shaves and waxes each hollowed out shell. Then comes the painstaking process of drilling thousands of holes in intricate patterns, much like the amazing eggshell art we’ve featured here in the past. The lamp stands are wrapped in layers of suede and varnished cork.

    Kubilius makes each lamp by hand in Vilnius, Lithuania, but something tells us that if you found the right map hidden in the false bottom of an old trunk at that one flea market, it might lead you to the secret grove where these radiant creatures grow. And when you aren’t looking they communicate with each other by intertwining their bodies and moving their coconut shell heads to alter the patterns and intensity of light and shadow. It’s just a hunch.

    Visit the Nymphs Workshop website, Facebook page or Etsy shop to check out more of Vanius Kubilius’ enchanting Nymph lamps.

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    This is so cute. And why I want kids.


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    Batman: Arkham City - Batman and Robin Cosplay shot by Neo-Jackal @ DeviantArt

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    The Dawn of Adventure Series

    Secret of Mana
    Zelda : Link’s Awakening
    Zelda : Majora’s mask
    Secret of Evermore
    Skies of Arcadia

    By Orioto

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  • Korra book 1 to book 4.

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    they was talking real shit back then and i took it as a joke

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