“Give everything. Expect nothing. Move on.”- Harold Pinter
  • christopherjonesart:


    Setting up my booth for Comic Con and this is the first thing I see.

    Comic Con 2014 starting off strong!

    This makes me happy :)

    New York Comic Con doing it right.

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  • lezbfrenz:

    this show is amazing

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  • breannewilliamson:

    You are more than your test score. 

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  • did-you-kno:

    The reason why old books have such a distinct smell is because hundreds of organic compounds in the pages break down over time and release chemicals that smell like almond, vanilla, and grass. Source

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  • jncos:

    *snifts wine* do i detect a hint of grapes?

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  • thetieguy:

    this knot is on point.

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  • avatarparallels:

    Chin The Conqueror and Kuvira The Great Uniter.

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  • ospookyomi:

    the fight of the century is about to begin

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  • fuckyeahbenallen:

    Ben Allen for Zara

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